Anthony Jacquin – The Arrow Technique

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Anthony Jacquin

 The Arrow Technique

Learn all the principles involved in the technique including:

  • The attitude
  • Emotional leverage
  • Symptom scaling
  • Dissociation
  • Symbolism
  • Binding language
  • Direct suggestion
  • Chronic Pain

    Two demonstrations of The Arrow Technique for eliminating chronic pain. These are full sessions, with real people, with genuine pain. Another demonstration of The Arrow Technique used to relieve emotional pain. The full session is included.

    Freddy Jacquin & Anthony Jacquin completely breaking down the approach, outlining the principles and techniques, and providing detailed commentary on the chronic pain demonstration

    The Arrow Technique Booklet provides further information about this wonderful tool. The principles and components are explained. Fully scripted examples are provided including how to use it to heighten focus. In addition supplemental techniques including The Jacquin Fingerlock and The Jacquin Power Lift Induction are included here.



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