Burt Goldman – The New Supermind

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Burt Goldman
The New Supermind
The New Supermind
Full Program Breakdown

CD 1 – Tap Into the Power of Your Supermind

How to overcome the real cause of stress? The medical community knows; so will you.
Using more of your mind is easier than you think. Here’s the answer.
Michelangelo shows us the way. A fascinating explanation of mind power.
A 4,000 year old technique to get the things you want. You’ll be using this one a dozen times a day.
Great golfers, tennis pros, football heroes, business people, and all those who have ‘made it’ in life have a certain rhythm. You’ll discover how to embody that same rhythm for yourself when you listen to this disk.

You’ll also learn that daydreaming, when controlled, can stimulate your creativity. From here you can adjust to a new creative way of being in the world. Discover how a simple tap on your arm or leg, combined with concentrative thought, can actually change your rhythm.

“It Has Really Helped Me Sort Things Out”

“I love Supermind it has really helped me sort things out and put different memories in their places. Things are becoming clearer each day. I love Daisy pond, and so does my husband. I have been telling everyone about my wonderful experience with Supermind material. I’m sure once they see the change in my husband they will realize its usefulness. I just can’t say enough, even a thousand page book on this man and his wonderful knowledge won’t be enough.”
~ Yvonne Goldwater

CD 2 – Master Your 9 Emotions

A detailed process to control, stimulate or dissipate any emotion instantly. Control your emotions and you find yourself in charge of your life.
Fear removal. You want to keep the fear that helps and do away with fears that hurt. Illusory fears live in the imagination. Learn how to control your image making faculty and do things that rocket you to the top of your game.
Developing and keeping a relationship is easy when you know the simple rules of filling needs.
The ordeal of change can be controlled when you develop your Supermind.

What a joy when you begin to use your mind to control your emotions. Use my easy polarizing technique to adjust your attitude so that suddenly you are walking through a pleasant, comfortable reality.

“That Information Is Not Only Invaluable, but Never Lost”

“About twenty-three years ago my husband and I were going through difficult divorces and dealing with uncontrollable stress. Burt’s [teachings] really got us through a lot. We will be celebrating our twentieth anniversary next month, and have a blended family who not only are glad we married each other, but love to be with us and each other. I just wanted you to know that when you teach someone the power of their mind, that information is not only invaluable, but never lost – even with the passage of time – I access your teachings often. Thank you for getting me through a difficult time.”
~ Jan Greco from California

CD 3 – 7 Keys to Developing a Super Mind

1. Mentalism to unlock your spiritual nature,
2. Polarity to change from one emotion to another,
3. Vibrations to control your energy,
4. Correspondence for better communication skills,
5. Rhythm to excel in physical activities,
6. Cause and effect to solve problems,
7. Gender to develop ESP.

I’ve been teaching people how to unlock the power of Hermes’ 7 principles for 35 years. Now it’s your turn to unravel life’s mysteries. Virtually everything you know and will know can be enhanced by the use of any of these 7 principles

“It Has Helped Me Change for The Better”