Dan Kennedy – Price Elasticity, Profit Protection & Marketplace Power

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Dan Kennedy

Price Elasticity

Profit Protection & Marketplace Power

It’s my entire 2014 SuperConference presentation – one hour, thirty four minutes, 26 seconds.  Everything.

Grab a pen and paper as you’ll want to take copious notes on at least the following:

  • The 3 GOALS for PRICE STRATEGY that you should always have in your mind.
  • Exactly how to make even seemingly ridiculous HIGH price appear totally REASONABLE.
  • The danger posed by YOUR employees to your pricing strategy… and if you don’t address it, it could doom your business!
  • My 5-Step Power Sequence for presenting price…this is exactly the same process I’ve been using to close high dollar clients for years.
  • How to make every other competitor’s pricing totally irrelevant.
  • The KEY Price and Fee Failures that you want to avoid at all costs if you care about getting the most money possible for your goods / services.

    And a lot more to go with that as well.





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