Jerry Kein – Mr. Hypnosis- Jerry Kein Hypnosis Alley

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[6 DVDs – MKV]


Gerald Kein
Jerry Kein Hypnosis Alley

Gerald F. Kein, founder of the OMNI Hypnosis Training Center, is one of the most distinguished and respected hypnotists worldwide, a pioneer in modern hypnotism. He has trained thousands of hypnotists and has influenced greatly how we work today. In this 6 DVD Set that was recorded in Zurich, Switzerland, Gerald shows it all. A must have for all hypnotists!

Jerry Kein – Mr. Hypnosis
Hosting my friend and mentor Jerry Kein in Switzerland was a great honor and a pleasure at the same time. Jerry is probably the most skilled, elegant and experienced hypnotist & hypnothera- pist and teacher alive. A living legend who has changed the way we apply the modern forms of hypnosis,
how we work, how thousands of people are being helped all over the world. Jerry shows it all during these magnificent three days of OMNI hypnosis techniques and methods. His humor and charm are unequaled. Thank you Jerry for teaching and inspiring all of us! Thank you!