John Overdurf Collection of Programs

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John Overdurf Collection of Programs
Attention Shifting Coaching
This is a “Rough Cut” Audio from a live two day training in Attention Shifting Coaching, and includes a demo utilizing the model.

Coaching Beyond The I
What is Introduction of Coaching Beyond the “I”?

This advanced three day training, recorded live in 2009 is a one of a kind “hybrid” training which explores where language and consciousness meet. It is a unique blend of newest research in Neuro-plasticity, Transformational Linguistic patterns, Non- Aristotelian thinking, Quantum Physics integrated with practices from Eastern Spiritual Traditions.

It’s really two trainings integrated into one:
1. World-class coaching skills in Attention-Shifting Coaching that will take you straight to the heart of how reality is constructed and how it can be de-constructed and re-constructed.
2. Amazingly simple and effective techniques for shifting your own attention and brain wave states.

What will you learn?
This training goes “beyond” Beyond Words to a new model called “Directionalized Ambiguity.” You’ll learn potent linguistic techniques, with simple questions, and a very unique set of trance-inducing non-verbal skills which create a powerful brand of multi-level hypnotic language.
You’ll benefit from carefully sequenced set of exercises that will help you develop this special set of skills to learn how to coach your clients beyond, perhaps the most significant nominalization of all, the “I.”
You will also learn a simple set of techniques to culture brain wave activity which is now thought to be correlated with “clarity,” “enlightening moments” and synchronization of parts in the brain that are rarely switched on at the same time. They are the brain waves associated with “Aha” experiences. You will learn how to purposefully create more “aha”experiences in your life…

What are the newest findings in neuro-science that give us precise tips for how to run our nervous system?

What are the two linguistic constructions on
which all limitations are built?

How can you use these constructions to transcend limitations?

What are the basic mechanics of our sensory processing in reality construction and how you
can make them work for you?

What are the critical elements for constructing transformative language patterns that potentially create one sentence interventions?

What are safe effective ways to use confusion, uncertainty, not knowing for significant change?
How can you powerfully directiionalize the thinking of a listener through the use of simple questions?

How can you change how you assemble reality and create exceptional states of observation through manipulation of your own brain wave states?

What is the structure of creating “AHA” experiences and how can you culture it in your nervous system?

Here’s what you’ll get:

1. The full training packed with state of the art information and techniques, fully tracked and edited.

2. Full color pdf of the manual with supplements.

3. Two short video files of exercises you can use to develop your own attention-shifting skills.

Special Bonuses!
I’ve recorded a number tracks which can be sequenced and customized on your own MP3 player.

4. Orientation Induction to format your learning each time you listen to the training.

5. Hypnotic Loop with embeded binaural beat entrainment for integration and opening of new neural connections.

6. Coaching Beyond the I “sound track” with embedded binaural beats – just the music with binaural beats.

And Much, Much More!!!

[b]Enduring States of Being
This MP3 audio set was recorded live from a series of two classes, and a live coaching supervision session which illustrates some of the important processes used along with the HNLP Coaching Model. It explores how to manage uncertainty and fear by use of recovery strategies to create a state of being that endures situational stress and emotional reactions. If you liked The Beyond Goals work, this is the next installment. Includes two downloadable, full color e-manuals.

Foreground/Background Switch
What we are unconscious of has a larger influence on us than what weare aware of. During these two live teleclass sessions, John shows us how to use the relationship of what is- foreground- and everything else- background – which contains energy, potential and possibility and bring it into awareness where it can be used to create form.

Fractals of Experience
Learn how Chaos Theory and Non-linear Dynamics can be applied to
the Coaching Beyond Goals Model to create significant shifts
at multiple levels through the use of “fractals of experience.”
What is a fractal of experience
How to naturally elicit fractals
How to deal with uncertainty
Conversational Map Across
Designing Swishes from Fractals
and much more! Also includes four different hypnotic music loops designed to activate unconscious
processes to reinforce key concepts while stimulating transformation and

Framing Out Into Being
Learn the many ways your can expand your ability to de-construct and reconstruct realities through the advanced use of context reframing. Includes: Creating context from knowing into Being Use of “not knowing” and “confusion” as doorways to recursive change Finding Hidden Abilities in Problem Constructions Inductive and Deductive Use of “now” Special Bonus: Ten minute excerpt of a coaching session, with an accompanying transcript and linguistic analysis. Also includes three different hypnotic music loops designed to activate unconscious processes to reinforce key concepts while stimulating transformation and generalization.

Learn the model of coaching I’ve been developing with Telecoachingu for the last several years.
This series of classes goes in-depth on the key concepts and processes in the Coaching Beyond Goals Model.
Optimal Coaching State and Beliefs
How to create the same conditions that created the problem to create solid change and generalization
HNLP Coaching Basic Conversational Model
Beyond Goals Model
Utilization of the meta Pattern and Denominalization
Elicitation and Utilization of End State Energy
Recursive Tasking: The Smallest Next Step
Also includes the “Coaching Loop, ” a hypnotic music loop designed to activate unconscious processes to reinforce key concepts while stimulating transformation and generalization, as well as a demo of the coaching model

Managing and Thriving in Uncertainty
This is a two part seminar which addresses, perhaps the most important set of skills you can have in living life, especially in this day and age: managing and thriving in uncertainty.

You will learn new “eye opening” concepts and processes I’ve used successfully in my life as well as many clients I’ve worked with over the past 5 years. The difference with this training, unlike many of my trainings, is it is not about how to coach others, this is about coaching yourself.

These concepts and skills are not “magic bullet” fluff and “quick fixes” promising to “clear all of your ‘negative’ emotions” while achieving instant “enlightenment” to the amazement of others. It is not “get rich, quick” schemes nor “attracting everything and anything you ever wanted with absolutely no effort ‘secrets.'”

They are simple, yet enduring skills and frames that will expand and deepen
the most important variable for thriving in uncertainty:

What you’ll learn is based on solid research ranging from neuro-science to quantum mechanics, non-linear dynamics to timeless traditions like Vedanta along with my own experience in Hypnosis, HNLP and Attention-Shifting Coaching.

So, consider…

Not all processes are easily done by yourself, in the moment,
so what do you need to know to “coach” yourself successfully?

What are the proven neuro-scientific research findings and methods that will help you manage and thrive in change and uncertainty.

How can you increase your happiness, peace of mind and productivity?

How can you create momentum and increase your agility in your career and life?

What are the simple, yet enduring processes you can use in your everyday life
to live life with greater creativity, flexibility, productivity and fulfillment?

Self Hypnosis
Live, one day seminar which includes all of the fundamentals of self hypnosis. How to go into a trance, what to do when there and how to use post-hypnotic suggestion. Excellent for changing habits, making life transformations and self-therapy.

Stalking the Wild Synesthesia
A primary goal in coaching is to transform your clients synethesias through consciousness, reconditioning and recontextualization. In the 90 minute live recording, you will learn how to stalk out the synesthesia, bring it into awareness and restore free choice to your clients. Includes e-manual.

The Subtle Art of Denominalization
This MP3 audio set was recorded live from a series of three classes and an open frame session that teaches the specifics of how to break through the illusion that we are not changing each moment when, in fact, all we are is change. If that’s the case how do we seem to be the same and find “change” to be challenging at times? Very provocative mind expanding ideas with practical, conversational liguiistic patterning useful for telecoaching or face to face work. Numerous group and individual demos. Includes three downloadable, full color e-manuals.

Waving Dualities
This is a very user friendly parts integration model, that is extremely scalable from doing work with your self, individual clients and even large groups. This MP3 includes the theoretical basis of the model, a step by step process, and a group and individual demonstration. This is a live recording from a class, and includes a download of the e-manual. 90 minutes