Kevin Hogan – Jedi Mind Tricks

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Kevin Hogan
Jedi Mind Tricks

The new hypnotic confusion technique that increases compliance instantly.

How to have them hypnotically falling for you in minutes.

How to use the concepts of power and authority to gain compliance.

The hypnotic pattern interrupt that will defuse virtually any situation.

The fastest way to get someone to say yes to virtually any request.

Two wonderful mind reading illusions that will blow you away.

How to have fun with others with covert hypnosis without it being at their expense.

If you want to know how to get a little better service and treatment than everyone else, you need to check this video out. In fact, if you want to get to the front of the line or even get the girl, you are going to want to see some of the NEW WORDS and PHRASES that Kevin has discovered that turn keys in people\`s minds…particularly the minds of women.

What words and hypnotic language patterns work to get people to do things they normally wouldn\`t do?

How can you unconsciously control your audience from the stage?

What\`s the best and easiest way to get a woman to go to dinner with you?

How do the new studies on head nodding affect the persuasion process?

How do you give people the illusion of control to gain compliance?

Want to know which confusion techniques will work? And which won\`t, and why? Want to know just how many choices to give someone so they decide quickly and favorably? It\`s all here and it\`s fun. And of course, it\`s all based upon cutting-edge science that makes this more than a “good time.” This stuff really works! Get this video and enjoy the ride!
From the moment Kevin walks on the stage, he is teaching you his methods through story and humor. This seminar will be one of the funniest, most enjoyable times you\`ve ever spent. As always is the case with Kevin, the hypnotic techniques you learn will be brand new. No one else has access to this except you. You will discover easy-to-learn pattern interrupts, interesting techniques, and fun strategies to have a great time with other people without having fun at the expense of others.