L. Michael Hall and Bob Bodenhamer – Figuring Out People – 2nd Edition

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L. Michael Hall and Bob Bodenhamer
 Figuring Out People – 2nd Edition

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L. Michael Hall, Ph.D. and Bob Bodenhamer, D.Min. are renowned for their integrity, creativity, and commitment to the NLP model having demonstrated it time and again with revolutionary models.

In Figuring Out People, they extend the meta-Programs model as a virtual encyclopedia of human perceptual filters only to then apply it in reading and profiling
people to increase personal effectiveness and success.

Figuring Out People … we all seek to do it.

Everyday we spend time mind-reading and second-guessing the people with whom we live, work, associate, negotiate, parent, and love.

We guess at their intentions, motives, future actions, beliefs, and more.

In this transformational book, discover the magic of meta-Programs as perceptual lens
and the power of figuring out where others are coming from.

Figuring Out People takes the reader far beyond mere personality typing to being able to recognize and work with each person’s uniqueness.

Each meta-program provides another way in which we differ as well as another way to create meta-rapport for closer relationships and more in depth understanding and appreciation.

Figuring Out People is unique in several ways.

Foreword by Wyatt Woodsmall.

It explains the origins of meta-Programs and places them in the larger context of human growth and change; it provides in-depth discussion, and it contributes to the development and expansion of metaPrograms- an outstanding contribution to an area
which lies at the heart of NLP. Wyatt Woodsmall, Ph.D.