L. Michael Hall – Self Actualization Psychology: The Positive Psychology of Human Nature’s Bright Side

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L. Michael Hall – Self Actualization Psychology
The Positive Psychology of Human Nature’s Bright Side

Book Description: 298  pages scanned, OCRed & bookmarked.

Dr. Abraham Maslow spent his entire life finding self-actualizing persons, studying them, modeling them and then theorizing, measuring and presenting self-actualization.

He pioneered the paradigm shift in psychology from studying sickness to studying health, vitality and excellence, and while his books present most of this kind of psychology, he never got around to writing the book.  His untimely death at 62, cut that short.

Four decades later, Dr. Michael Hall has now picked up where Maslow left off and taken the positive psychology of self-actualization to the next level with the Self-Actualization Quadrants.

This book now provides the background for Hall’s first book on self-actualization called “Unleashed”.

“Unleashed” is posted here on TP at:

Discover the genius of Malsow and what Maslow missed in Self-Actualization Psychology, learn about the second human potential movement, and how Self-Actualization Psychology today provides the positive psychology for the emerging field of Coaching