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I think that it is most helpful dvd to release your chronic pain, posture and training.
This post is included in 3dvds of 4dvds leg and hip, neck and shoulder , ATHLETES

Athletes are known for working hard, training hard and often having to retire earlier than expected due to repetitive injuries and chronic muscle pain. When an athlete is injured, sometimes repeatedly, what develops is a learned pattern of physical compensation and reflexive muscular tightening, often even after the initial rehabilitation is over.

The Somatic Exercises on this DVD will help athletes, whether amateur or professional, to:

– Move Without Pain
– overcome training injuries that compromised your form
– improve muscle balance and efficiency
– prevent recurring injuries and recover from recent ones
– The specially designed “playlist” of exercises will show you how to combine several of the most basic Somatic Exercises (ie. the back lift, or the walking exercises) with exercises meant to target a painful area (ie.”hip lift and reach,” “invert/evert,” “psoas release,” “neck and shoulder variations”) for an effective overall routine.

Legs and hip joints can lose their flexibility and become tight and painful due to long hours sitting in a car or at a computer, a sudden fall or accident, or a one sided repetitive movement (like holding babies on one hip). can cause tight waist, back and hip muscles. This can cause the pelvis to become twisted or rotated, and one’s gait to become uneven. In this video you’ll be learning easy, gentle movements that will:

– Relieve Hip Joint Pain
– improve mobility, coordination and muscle control in both legs and hip joints
– improve walking, running, dancing and other activities
– help in overcoming injuries that resulted in leg, knee or hip pain

This DVD is especially helpful for those suffering from sciatica, plantarfasciitis, piriformis syndrome, sacroiliac pain, leg length discrepancy, tight, painful hip joints, knee pain, or an uneven gait due to an injury.

The muscles of the neck and shoulders can become painful and tight due to slumped posture, overly arched back muscles or one-sided repetitve movements (like computer mousing). Lots of dental work can cause tight jaw, neck and shoulder muscles, all of which contribute to a host of painful conditions. Painful neck and shoulder muscles are also often stress-related, an indication of tight muscles in the center of the body. In this DVD you will learn Somatic Exercises that will:

– Relieve Neck And Shoulder Pain
– relax the muscles that connect the back, neck and shoulders
– improve posture
– relieve pain from excessive sitting, computer work, or driving
– This DVD is especially helpful for those suffering from slumped posture, “stiff” necks, disk problems, TMD, carpal tunnel, shallow breathing, tension headaches or frozen shoulder.