Steve G Jones – Power Past Life Regression Hypnosis

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Steve G Jones
Power Past Life Regression Hypnosis

Introducing “Power Past Life Regression!”

In this unique and powerful yet easily applicable four module learning system, you will discover:

The Truth About Learning Past Life Regression – Here you’ll gain a clear understanding of what Past Life Regression is and how it will impact your life.

How Your Past Life Is Affecting You Today – The mechanism by which your past life manifests itself is fascinating. Be prepared to be amazed.

How To Past Life Regress Whenever You Want – Now you can engage in this exciting process at any moment using the power of self hypnosis.

Untold Stories About Your Past Life – Discover the events that make up the driving force that is your soul today.

The Spiritual Side Of Past Life Regression – Past life regression will provide a spiritual experience like nothing else on the planet and provide a true sense of enlightenment.

Self-Improvement With Past Life Regression – Now you can use the new found information and change your life right now for the better.

Past Life Regression deals with the concept of time being linear. On the recording, you will travel backwards in time through your own lifetimes.

In doing so, you will be able to access problems which occurred in past lives and rectify those problems through the safe, simple and direct techniques offered in this recording.

Many people when they first learn about past life regression are fascinated about the idea about having lived before. I, myself, have discovered several past lives. One in which I was a painter in France, another in which I was a Viking warrior and another in which I was a hand surgeon in ancient Egypt. By recalling and reliving past lives, there can be tremendous therapeutic value.

For example, I once had a client who had been afraid of wearing turtle neck shirts. Upon regressing her to a previous life, she discovered that she had been hanged from a tree until dead.

By reliving this past life, she was immediately released from her dislike of turtle necks when she realized that it was based on events which no longer applied to her life. She was able to let go of this event and move forward with her current life.

To this day, she is no longer concerned with wearing turtle neck shirts or sweaters.

Sometimes we live lives with people many times. Meaning, we have lived a life with them in the past where they were perhaps our brother, son, daughter, husband, etc. and currently we may be living a life with that same person in a different capacity.

Perhaps someone who was previously male is now a female. Perhaps a person who was previously a son is now our mother. This is not uncommon and by revealing the previous identity of this person certain interpersonal relationship issues can be resolved or at least brought out into the open where they can be examined in the full context of existence.

By having this overall view, which I refer to as the full context, we can see that we interact with many people through many different lifetimes in many different capacities. I invite you to explore your past lives, you past relationships and to discover how they relate to your current relationships and your current living situation.

I feel that like me, you will have tremendous insight after going through this program and listening to this recording for 21 nights in a row. I suggest 21 nights in a row of listening because this is the optimal time for creating change in your life. By listening every night as you go to sleep to this, or any other of my recordings, you insure that your brain gets the proper messages, is able to make the proper changes, and has mastered the skills on the particular recording.