August 3, 2016

About us & FAQ


Hello Dear Customer,


Here are the main things you need to know:


1.Payment accepted?




2. How to buy?

Very SIMPLE, just add one or more products to the cart, and when you think is time to pay, just checkout.

Disclaimer: Please put your best email you use everyday, because at that adress you`ll receive the product.



3. How will I receive the products?

After the payment is completed, you will receive an  e-mail  with the confirmation, then an e-mail with the download links.

For download links we use, it`s similar with dropbox or google drive system.

You don`t need a pcloud account to downloading the files.

NO multiple links, no advertising, no torrent system involved.

Everything is very user friendly.


4. How long it takes to receive the programs?

It depends on the size of the programs. Usually it takes, 6-12 hours.

Here, you find only DIGITAL DOWNLOAD programs so you`ll never wait more than 12-24 hours.


5. The producst are COMPLETE and full functionally?

Yes, all products are comeplete and full functionally. All are full products without missing a file and working properly.


6. Why are so cheap?

Because we are professional marketers and we just resell the products on the cheap we and we love it!


7. Do you guarantee for all your products?

Yes, we guarantee for our products. In case something is not working we solve the problem or refund the buyer.


8. How to contact staff?

You can find us at:

online support

on social media,

please check the footer of the website


9. Discounts?

Yes, we always give to our customers discount coupons. You can get from 10% to 50% discounts, it depends on the value of your orders.


10. Do you have any other programs beside the ones which are posted here?

Yes, we have thousands of programs, so you can ask us any program you want. If we have it we`ll post it on the site, then you can purscahse it.

Anytime you ask for a program, you get 30% discount program for purchasing it, in case we have it.


10. Refunds?

Yes, takes responsability in case there are technical problems.

Because there are scammers we need proofs (print screens, usually) to issue the refund!

We ensure you that we are transparent and honest!

P.S. We don`t asume respo0nsability for the value of the content or for the informations that appear in the courses.

For example, you buy a real estate program and you don`t have the result that the course promised, we are NOT guilty. We are the intermediars not authors!


11. How can I trust you?

If you want a program you can ask for printscreens of the program and we`ll be happy  to send them to you for eliminate your doubts.


Don`t hesitate to contact us 🙂