April 18, 2018

How it works


Fantastic news!

From now on, you`ll have instant access to the program you order!

You are no longer forced to wait our e-mails.

You get INSTANTLY the program you paid for.


You`ll find the download link in your dashboard account at the section ,,downloads”. That`s why is very important to check ,,creat account” section when you order.

This video will be very helpful to make you understand how things works.

Note: In case you cant find the link in your dashboard, please don`t panic. In the shortest time will send it to you through e-mail. This situation may appear if you order a recently posted program.

In case you forgot to check the create account box, you won`t be able to download the program instantly, but we`ll send it to you through e-mail, so no worries! 🙂