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Personal Story Power Pack – Bo Eason

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Personal Story Power Pack – Bo Eason

“Imagine how having the ability to build immediate intimacy and trust could affect your life for the better…”

Many of us think we have everything we need, but the one thing we’re all lacking is deep connection. Take social media, it’s only “pretend connecting” because you don’t have any vulnerability. You don’t have anything at risk. It’s not like the scenario where the boy goes and asks the girl out on a date. That’s connection. That’s vulnerability. That’s putting your heart out there and risking it being broken.

The people we fall in love with are the ones whose heart is hanging out there.Their ability to show courage and vulnerability builds immediate intimacy and trust. Imagine how having the ability to build immediate intimacy and trust could affect your life…

Think back to the lowest moment in your life — when you looked around and there were no answers — the story you feel shame or embarrassment about, the story you do not want to tell. In that moment you either said, “Hey, I am going to fight; I am going to stay in here.” Or you quit. Those are the only two choices. That’s what we are all looking for; those turning points in life that define who you are. When you have the ability to tell that story, people will connect with you. They will trust you.

If you want to be successful in anything, you need to master the narrative of your life. All of your leadership and moneymaking ability rests in that narrative, because that is how people will connect to you. We are all looking for other human beings to connect with, and stories do that.

I’ve helped literally hundreds of people just like you uncover the turning points in their life to piece together a story worthy of applause. Everyone has had a unique path through life and if they can get clear on how that path evolved and how to share it in a compelling way, they’ll connect quickly with anyone, allowing them to be more successful in any profession and life.

I grew up in a small town where somebody’s word—somebody’s handshake—that was as good as a legal contract.If the tires I bought for my 1977 Ford Courier pickup weren’t good, I’d bring them back to our town’s tire salesman and he would make it right. This is what I will promise you: If you invest in my Personal Story Power Pack and feel it wasn’t worth the cost—that you didn’t get closer to finding your story—then I want to make it right. I want the opportunity to refund you your full purchase price. It’s what my dad taught me to do. Just email and I’ll make sure my team handles your refund.

Bo is an incredibly talented and generous human. He’s taught and encouraged us to dig for, write and tell our stories. In the six months since enrolling in Bo’s Power Story Warrior Mastermind group, I booked over $350K in additional business, which never would have occurred had it not been for Bo. That’s a ROI of over 17:1 in six months that will only grow! I can’t thank Bo enough for this gift!
Chuck Bolton, President of The Bolton Group LLC

Bo’s gift to speak into each individual life and shepherd / guide them into confidence and growth in “who they are”, was happening throughout the event.
Richard R. Ramos, CEO/President The Ramos Group

Your income is in direct proportion to your emotional impact you have on people. There is no better place to learn about it than with Bo. If you want to take it to the next level, run to work with Bo.
Zsusa Novak, Creator of Bliss Biz & Founder of Empowering Experts

Bo Eason exemplifies his craft. He not only studies storytelling, he lives it. The Personal Story Power Event was amazing. For me, I knew that only scratched the surface. By joining the Warrior Mastermind, I was pushed to dive deeper and to stand more boldly, side by side with my fellow story warriors. My business is helping leaders create a life of success and significance. Bo awakens us to what’s inside. Beyond a calling, there’s a deep-seated need to make myself better and to hold others accountable to become their best. As strange as it sounds, STORY is the path to just that.
Dr. Wayne D. Pernell, Founder of Dynamic Leader Coaching & Retreats

To put it simply… Bo Eason has changed my life. Just the mindset shift alone was enough to transform my business and my results. Bo’s mastery at teaching the power and practical processes and techniques of developing and using your personal story to impact your audiences surpasses anything I have ever seen before. I’ve been in Bo’s Warrior Mastermind for a little over 6 months and the caliber of people he attracts and works with is phenomenal. The networking and masterminding is awesome, and Bo also brings in some of the best in their respective fields to train and coach us on physicality and story structure and mindset. His personal authenticity and vulnerability are refreshing and inspiring.
Kevin Ward, Founder of YESMasters Real Estate Success Training


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