Alan Weiss – The Resolve Event

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Alan Weiss – The Resolve Event
I’m pleased to invite you to attend a full day on what I’ve coined “Resolve.” Resolve is more than accountability, more than discipline, beyond mere organization. It is that set of learnable skills and behaviors which provide for growth, sustained improvement, and acceleration.

Why do some people finish projects more quickly, write with greater facility, comprehend more rapidly, impress immediately? We are all too prone to simply say “natural talent,” or “intensity,” or even “luck.” But resolve is a function of learnable traits, not talents imparted by the muse.

As a result of the Resolve Event, you will be able to:

Integrate current and future learning on a “real time” basis.
Create the Success Dynamic of employing skills and gaining rewards.
Deconstruct success so that you can replicate it.
Set short- and long-term priorities.
Identify and employ temporary and ongoing resources.
Either complete or abandon “stuck” projects with confidence.
Stop second-guessing, editing, and censoring yourself.
Improve your confidence and self-worth.
Be seen as decisive and influential by others.
Return to life and work with dynamic, exciting, new performance aids.

Consider the quotes at the top by some of the best business thinkers of our times. I’m not offering an extended program, not a subscription, not a “degree” or “certificate” as a result of onerous work. I’m simply offering a single day with a group of innovative, eager-to-learn, successful people which I’ve personally designed and I’m going to personally facilitate.


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