AMP – Bringing Boldness

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AMP – Bringing Boldness

In THIS recording: Bringing Boldness — Saying What’s True
we cover…
* How to be unapologetically BOLD in your interactions with women…
* How I’ve recently been THROWN by a woman – and gotten HOOKED
* Decker tests my composure with this woman… * How to deal with rejection with artistry
* How to get a woman’s world when she’s “not feeling it” with you
* How we can become subtly manipulative, and how to detect whether we’re “running a script” or not
* How to have fun in getting triggered with women, and getting the gifts from being triggered
* What’s behind Decker’s spontaneous, simple comments, such as, “I like your face,” that seem to light women up…
* The difference from having your interactions being Bold and Beautiful, even if it’s not “Pretty”


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