AMP – Bryan and AMP Coach Shana

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 Bryan and AMP Coach Shana

Shana (one of our badass AMP Female Coaches) and I did this interview early last year with dynamic, colorful radio host Bonnie Graham — one of the “Muggles,” as

we affectionately refer to people outside of our “personal development” world (reference comes from Harry Potter — people not indoctrinated in the world of witches, wizards and magic).

Whoops, not supposed to reveal to you how elitist we think we are.   Aaanyway, In the interview, we covered:
The behind-the-scenes story about how and why I started AMP
Shana’s experience as an AMP Coach working with men, and our women’s program, AWE (Authentic Woman Experience)
How Michael Ellsberg (writer of the most recent blog post) got his dream girlfriend as a result of AMP
Direct experiences of guys who have taken the AMP course (VERY USEFUL to hear if you’ve ever considered taking the plunge and doing an AMP Intensive with us)


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