AMP – Bryan & Garrison – When She’s Pissed and Disappointed

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Bryan & Garrison
When She’s Pissed and Disappointed

Ever had a woman get pissed with you because you changed your mind about something? This is what happened to Garrison the other day with his girlfriend.

In most cases, women want to be able to let go of control and have you “steer the ship” in the relationship. Does it seem like a burden that we men have to be the ones who are always taking care of things? Well, personally, I LIKE being the one “creating the ride” for her. I ENJOY seeing and feeling her go through whatever experience I’ve created for her, whether it’s taking her dancing, or to an amusement park, or directing and pleasuring her in bed.

Of course, there’s no REQUIREMENT that we be the ones to drive… You can let HER do all the driving, and let HER be the one to ravish YOU in bed, if that’s what turns you on. Is that as fun for you? Well, it’s up to YOU to discover that for yourself.

If we’re the ones driving, however, inevitably, there’s going to be “course corrections” along the way – plans may fall through or get changed. How you deal with those situations has a huge impact on how much turn-on and attraction exists in the relationship.

In the first part of this audio, Garrison’s just getting clear on a course of action for himself. I’m just listening to him, and as I do, he’s solving the problem internally for himself. This is a hugely powerful gift that men can offer each other, to simply create a “space” for another man to talk things through.

One thing you DON’T want to do is try to get clear about this with the woman you’re with. Go away, talk to your guy friends, and come BACK to her when you’re clear.

Otherwise, she’s going to feel your uncertainty and wishy-washiness, and this is going to turn her off and de-polarize the attraction you have with her, because she has to “be the one to drive.”

We recorded this quick little snippet of dialogue between Garrison and I, and in it you’ll get a quick tip on how to deal artfully with a woman when she’s upset with you.

Even if you’re not in a relationship, keep this one in your back pocket – it could come in useful!


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