AMP – What No One Will Tell You About “Drugs” And Inner Game

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AMP – What No One Will Tell You About “Drugs”
And Inner Game
Since the dawn of humankind natural substances that grow from the earth, (also known as Entheogens) have played an enormous role in the evolution of human consciousness. For that reason it seems authentic for us to acknowledge these substances and discuss how they can assist in personal evolution on all levels for those who want to learn more about them.

While some Entheogens, experienced in the right context, may lead to a greater understanding of self, the world and relationships, we are not advocating their use. In fact they are in no way necessary to have a better life. But our hope is that this recording will lead to a greater understanding of an aspect of our world that few people are willing to talk about.
Some of the topics we cover in this recording are:

Mainstream perceptions of Entheogens.
Why people distract themselves with substances.
Once you’ve had an experience does it really transfer into your life
The danger of any ,drug focused culture
The difference between distracting yourself VS accelerating your self-evolution.
Bryan’s concept of True-ing Up.
Why its important to be doing personal work on yourself if you do Entheogens.
Hear about how deep and conscious self-transformation can be self designed.
Why most people have reservations about Entheogens.
Bryan shares his experience of how during heightened states of self-awareness he has been able to bring insights to others that instantly changed their lives.
Why improper settings or intentions during use of Entheogens, can destabilize relationships and self growth.
How healing, self love and higher states of being are accessed and maintained.
Who should NOT take Entheogens.
Peter Jennings documentary ,ecstasy rising, on

This one is vulnerable, authentic and straight to the heart of one of the most controversial subjects we’ve covered yet.


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