Anthony Robbins – Breakthrough Challenges

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Anthony Robbins
Breakthrough Challenges


It’s Tony, welcome to your Breakthrough Challenge course. Together we’re about to embark on a 6-week journey towards a more extraordinary quality of life.  It’s just 20 to 45 minutes each week, but I think you’ll find that this small investment in yourself will give you huge returns.

I hope you’ll do these three things:

Share the journey with friends and loved ones. This free 6-week course is an incredible gift to those you care about. By clicking here you can easily invite all your friends and loved ones to take the course with you and transform as many lives as possible at once!

Each week watch the newest episode of Breakthrough with Tony Robbins, Tuesdays 8/7 CST on NBC,  (or if you missed it you can watch it on Hulu here) and then, following the show, come back to this site.

Take your personal breakthrough challenge. I will post a new personal coaching session for you after every episode airs (don’t worry I’ll send you a reminder). In each session I will take the lessons from the show and teach you how to apply them in your own life in a very simple yet powerful way to create your own breakthroughs and help those you care for as well.

I look forward to our journey together… Let’s start!

Live strong and live with passion,

Tony Robbins

Your Breakthrough Challenge #1: Overcoming Limiting Beliefs and Emotions

Frank and Kristen are the ultimate example of, no matter how bad things gets you can recover. They learned that: your environment or your limitations do not define the quality of your life; the quality of your life is defined by your emotions.

Your Breakthrough Challenge #2: Overcoming Extreme Stress: Taking Responsibility Instead of Playing the Blame Game

Ron and Marie are proof positive of what can happen when you take responsibility, stop blaming each other and transform the quality of your life by switching from stress causing struggle to stress causing strength.

Your Breakthrough Challenge #3: Create a New Story – Create a New Life

After tragedy struck and Juaquin’s real life stopped matching the story he built about how his life was supposed to be he fell into depression, denial and anger. He learned in order to be truly happy your real life must match the blueprint of how you think your life is supposed to be, if it isn’t you must change your story or change your life.

Your Breakthrough Challenge #4: Uncover the Truth: What’s Real is Never Lost

Mandy Smith’s fear for her children was destroying her marriage. It was a wedge between her and her husband and between her and the life they used to live. She had to develop the courage to face her fears and uncover its true impact on her life. She learned we all have a choice: the death of our life or the death of our fear.

Your Breakthrough Challenge #5: Your Decisions Equal Your Destiny

The Lawson family was in crisis because of the decisions they made and the meaning they gave to those choices. Their only path through their crisis was to create change, but in order to do that they learned they first had to be honest with them selves and deal with the truth at hand.

Your Breakthrough Challenge #6: The Secret To Living Is Giving

Though his wife was the one who was killed, John Rodriguez was dead inside too. He had given up on his life, his career and his responsibilities as a father. He learned that in order to get through his immense suffering and loss, he had to find something or someone he valued more than his own pain.


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