Anthony Robbins -Date With Destiny Leadership Guide 2007

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Anthony Robbins -Date With Destiny Leadership Guide 2007

This item is a  rare manual produced for the Senior Leaders & Trainers who worked at the Anthony Robbins Mastery University seminar program Date With Destiny in December of 2007. There are usually fewer than 100 to 200 of these made due to the small and exclusive group to whom they are distributed.

It is a spiral-bound book of 64 pages chock full of insider information about being a Leader/Trainer at the seminar.  Included are some of the skills and tools of Neuro-Associative Conditioning, the qualities of being a Leader, and the logistical information, training material, and strategies unique to this particular seminar.


1. Outcomes for Trainers/Senior Leadership

Overview of Date With Destiny
Who’s Who at Date With Destiny
Trainer Mission Statement
Outcomes for Trainers/Leadership
What the Ultimate Trainer Must Embody
What the Ultimate Trainer Must Be Able to Teach
What the Ultimate Trainer Must Know
6 Power Questions for Effective Trainers
Leadership/Trainer Wheel

2. Logistics & Procedures

Keys to Success
How to Have a Superb Team Meeting
Team Meeting Syntax
AR Foundation Fundraising Organizing Principles
Incantations Walk
My Hallucinations Exercise
How to Evaluate Posters
ARC Dance Captain Operating Principles

3. Additional Content Resources

The Dirty Dozen
26 Primary Sources for Pain
Leadership Incantation


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