Anthony Robbins – Oneness University Manual

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Anthony Robbins – Oneness University Manual
Are you looking to create Spiritual Mastery? Bring yourself closer to Oneness?
Anthony Robbins can show you how – and help you discover the gift of Oneness along with the teachings of Sri Amma & Sri Bhagavan as well as Sri Ananda Giri.
(this is prior to the expansion in new directions of Oneness)

This Manual was from the Fiji campus of Oneness University. It was a joint effort supported by Anthony Robbins and Oneness. The manual is a guide, through the process of Oneness. It is filled with spiritual rituals, incantations, prayers, and wisdom, as well as the practical “science” from Tony.

As Oneness has evolved, the campus has closed and shifted. These Manuals are no longer available anywhere and were only distributed in Fiji!!!


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