Anthony Robbins Owner’s Manual for the Brain

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Anthony Robbins
Owner’s Manual for the Brain
Owner’s Manual For The Brain -AVI

Robbin’s earlier & rare video – without bells & whistles – pure, simple & to the point!

Learn how to change your states
Learn how to cure phobias within minutes
Learn how to program your mind for success
Learn to turn any fear into empowering emotions and more…

This video contains incredible material on how to use the power of your brain for a positive change. Includes a daily Mental Aerobics routine. Absolutely clear and extremely effective. Very easy to apply with instant results. Anthony Robbins is the “leader called upon by leaders.” As the recognized expert in the psychology of peak performance, he has spent more than a quarter of a century serving people from more than 80 nations around the world. His success has been related to his ability to synthesize complex strategies and tools that immediately change the quality of people’s lives and bring them to a mass audience in a way that is entertaining and empowering.

Tony Robbins is an international bestselling author. His educational audio system, Personal Power, has sold more than 35 million tapes worldwide. His clients have included an extraordinary array of outstanding achievers, including presidents of the United States, members of two royal families, Olympic and professional athletes, and Fortune 500 CEOs, and he has addressed distinguished audiences ranging from Britain’s Parliament to the Harvard Business School.


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