Anthony Robbins – Relationship Storms Man Enough To Stay The Course

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Anthony Robbins – Relationship Storms
Man Enough To Stay The Course
What makes the difference in a relationship? How is it that some couples live emotionally juicy and passionate lives, while others live in fear, helplessness, and frustration?
When some couples disagree with each other, it leadis to misunderstandings and pain. When other couples disagree, their arguments lead to lovemaking and emotional refreshment! How can this be? The truth is when you have a high level of trust in your relationship, almost anything experience will become a source of pleasure and increased depth.

In this film you will see one married couple transformed within minutes from irritation and stonewalling to trust and irresistible attraction. Samantha had been married to Daryl for 16 years, and
she had had it. He was controlling, he didn’t help her raise the children, and there was no communication, just silence. Even worse, she was starting to resent her sons for imitating their
father. Daryl, on the other hand, was fed up with Samantha’s behavior and had already told the children that he was leaving. Desperate, the couple went to an Anthony Robbins leadership
conference, where Samantha stood up to speak with Robbins. He brought both of them onstage for an explosive interchange that neither Sam nor Daryl would have dared otherwise.
Six months later, Samantha felt greater trust and respect for her husband than ever before. Come join Tony as he shares the secrets of keeping your relationship vital and dynamic.



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