Anthony Robbins – Sacred Blessings: Sacred Music Inspired by the World’s Great Faiths

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Anthony Robbins – Sacred Blessings
Sacred Music Inspired by the World’s Great Faiths

This music, inspired by the world’s great spiritual traditions, has been chosen to create a sense of peace and harmony within you and around you.

Ideals for meditation, its calming effects will inspire the warmth of universal love and personal tranquility.

Anthony Robbins, Philanthropist and Humanitarian, A recognized authority on the psychology of leadership and peak performance for the last three decades, has directly impacted the lives of more than 50 million people from over 100 countries with his best-selling books, multimedia programs and live appearances.

As part of his lifelong quest to help individuals transform the quality of their lives, Robbins has been personally touched by this spiritual music and is excited to share its inspiration and emotion that reveals the magnificence of the human spirit.

CD Tracks:

01 – Introduction by Anthony Robbins – Anthony Robbins
02 – Devi Prayer – Craig Pruess & Ananda
03 – So Much Magnificence – Miten wilh Deva Premal
04 – Gayatri Mantra (Traditional) – Deva Premal
05 – Moola Mantra – Sage Bonnie-Pearl Robbins
06 – You Can Relax Now – Shaina Noll
07 – Ishq Allah (Traditional) – Miten wilh Deva Premal
08 – Invocation (Traditional) – Deva Premal
09 – I Love You Lord – Sage Bonnie-Pearl Robbins