Anthony Robbins – Seasons Of Life Platinum Partner Booklet

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Anthony Robbins – Seasons Of Life Platinum Partner Booklet
This little booklet was produced exclusively for Tony’s Platinum Partners as a manual for content at a private Platinum event, and was not distributed publicly. It’s a mini-manual of the Adizes principles applied to the stages of life. Also included is content on The Fourth Turning and Archetypes. This material was produced prior to the economic downturn, and it’s really interesting how well Tony (and his mentors) predicted the crash and advised strategies for how to manage and even thrive through it.


Understanding Seasons and Cycles

The Power of Pattern Recognition

The Four Turnings

Overview: What are the Four Seasons?

Seasons of a Person’s Life


A New Kind of Hero: Who are the Millenials?

Seasons of History

Thriving in Winter

Some additional ways to Thrive in Winter


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