Authentic Man Program (AMP) – Authentic First Impressions

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Authentic Man Program (AMP)
Authentic First Impressions

“Authentic First Impressions
Hey guys,

In this month’s CD Bryan and I interview former Miss India USA, Sree Ratna Kancherla on Authentic First Impressions.

In this recording Sree shares with us what its like to be constantly approached by men as well as what she notices about them that has her want to instantly know them more, take a step back, or end the interaction right away.
Up to this point our guests have mainly been our highly trained female AMP coaches, so this month will be a slight change of course as we invite an internationally honored beauty to share with us about her experience with first impressions, and why some men blow her away and why others fail to impress her.

To a rich life,

Garrison Cohen

VP of Development”