Authentic Man Program – Cultivating Inner Peace

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Authentic Man Program
Cultivating Inner Peace

Parte I and Part II


Cultivating Inner Peace Pt. 1

This month your getting a very special interview with Sean Stephenson. Two feet ten inches tall and confined to a wheelchair, Sean has dealt with more physical,
emotional and spiritual challenges before the age of 18 than most men will ever have to face in their lives.

Listen to Sean’s journey and discover for yourself that what we have inside us is far more powerful, influential and sexy than our   Sean Stephenson physical body.

“Women say, „You look nothing like the man that I want to be with… but I‟m falling in love with you.‟
– Sean Stephenson ”


“Cultivating Inner Peace Pt. 2

This month you‘ll be receiving part 2 of our interview with Sean Stephenson. In this final conversation Sean goes into much deeper description about how he created an extraordinary life of travel, friendship, accomplishment and intimacy with women despite extreme physical limitations.

This special recording offers a perspective that can change your entire view of what is possible in all aspects of your life. “


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