Authentic Man Program – Foundations Revealed

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Authentic Man Program
Foundations Revealed [1 MOV]

This video is a “rapid-fire,” one-hour version of our flagship product: “The Foundations of Inner Game DVD Training Program.”

It’s packed with practical tools and exercises to develop a solid INNER foundation for creating attraction and connection with women. Plus, you’ll get to watch several uncensored, extremely honest interviews with radiant, feminine women about why some men will melt their hearts and others will make them want to bare their fangs.

This is the same no-B.S., concrete, real-world training material that we reveal to our students in our $2,400 in-person AMP Intensives. The insights and breakthroughs you’ll receive from this will impact your interactions with women, IMMEDIATELY.

Here’s a quick sample of some of the great things you’ll discover in “Foundations of Inner Game: Revealed.”

The key to having a woman’s ENTIRE BODY RESPOND with turn-on when you first meet her – before you even speak. Learn how Foundation #1 creates ATTRACTION WITHOUT WORDS – 10:38

Why trying to “demonstrate value” can actually KILL attraction and connection — and what to do instead that is FAR more potent and real. – 33:20

Women will tell you they feel safe, trusted, soft, feminine, playful, turned on and treasured in your presence — if you’ve cultivated Foundation #2. – 18:52

How to speak your gut-level intuitions about her in the moment with an artistry and clarity that will have her immediately opening up to you. — 40:40

How to be forthright with a woman about your attraction — even your lust — unapologetically, without having her feel objectified. In fact, she’s always been looking for the man with this ability. – 27:40

How to let yourself be emotionally impacted…without “losing yourself.” This opens the doors for the kind of sex where you’re both blown away by the depth of connection you’re experiencing together. — 54:20

Create a circuit of increasing energy and attraction that literally “electrifies” the interaction with a women — 24:54

Discover how Foundation #3 reveals the critical element that women NEED in order to have sex with you. Hear the raw, vulnerable truth from the women themselves! You may be surprised at what they have to say — 56:40
….plus MUCH, much more in our Foundations of Inner Game: Revealed Video. This is a downloadable, condensed version of the material from our $2,400.00 courses that you can have immediately… and it’s not going to cost you thousands of dollars. “


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