Ballet Beautiful – Total Body Workout

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Ballet Beautiful – Total Body Workout

Each segment targets one specific body area with high-rep ballet matwork. It’s led by Mary Helen Bowers, a NYC Ballet Company dancer with a perfect physique (she also trained Natalie Portman in “Black Swan”). You’ll begin with buttocks-focused bridge moves — lots of reps, lots of “burn” and lots of subtle variations. That’s followed by a multi-tempo, Pilates-based ab series. The next two sections focus on your inner, then outer thighs — again, high reps of just a few exercises (e.g. side-lying leg lifts). The program ends with some elegant arm circles and a very short standing plié progression. Easy-to-follow, one-on-one cuing; it’s like she’s talking directly to you. Excellent production with tranquil classical piano music.


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