Ben Kinney – Real Estate Internet Marketing Specialist Training Program

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Ben Kinney

Real Estate Internet Marketing Specialist Training Program

Internet Marketing Specialist Designation

The Internet Marketing Specialist Designation (IMSD) is a proven training program that will help you grow your real estate business through effective Internet lead generation. Created from interviews with over 1,000 agents and tested and proven over six years generating thousands of leads, IMSD features a series of classes and homework with techniques to help you generate more website traffic, capture more leads, and convert more leads into closings. You’ll have a specific, customized online marketing plan and begin seeing results immediately. Follow our system and you will make money!

The IMSD program takes the guesswork out of your real estate marketing strategy, with explicit plans and systems including, but not limited to, our Blogging system, Craigslist system, Search Engine plans, Social Media plans and more to get the traffic, leads and closings you need to achieve your income goals.

In the IMSD program you will learn how to:

Generate hundreds of free leads from Craigslist, Backpage, Oodle, and more
Leverage and optimize your blog to drive tons of free traffic and capture leads
Which social media tools matter, and how to not only make sense of them, but how to use them profitably
Get your real estate website at the top of Google, Yahoo, and MSN
Convert leads into customers including our step by step follow up plans with pre- written emails, scripts, & dialogues
And, much much more!
No more guessing about what works. No more feeling overwhelmed. No more paying for marketing without getting results. We’ll show you specifically what works straight from the top real estate professionals nationwide. More traffic, more leads, more closings – finally, a proven system that will help you achieve your goals.

Classes Internet Marketing for Real Estate

Do you find Internet marketing frustrating? Does it take too much of your time without the results you need? Do you feel like you’re spinning your wheels on what “other people” tell you to do, without any business to show for it?

Internet marketing does work in real estate when you follow a proven system with specific, focused plans to achieve your goals. We’ll show you specifically what works straight from the top real estate professionals nationwide.

There are eight core classes included with the Internet Marketing Specialist Designation:

Mastering Internet Lead Generation
Internet Lead Conversion Tactics
Dominating Social Media
Search Engine Optimization
Using Classified Services
Paid Advertising
Blogging for Business
Marketing and Generating Listings Online
Membership in IMSD includes one year of unlimited access to all of the classes
listed above.

IMSD Membership Pricing

If you’re ready to generate hundreds of online leads, close more deals, get listings sold, and spend far less money doing it, then now is the time to enroll in the IMSD training system.

The program price is $599 for one year of access to:

Eight core classes delivered online so you can see each how each tool works and listen as we explain how they will grow your business
Eight homework assignments that serve as a step-by-step plan for you to actually implement these systems
Proven advertising copy for use in Craigslist, Google AdWords, and Facebook Ads
Ben Kinney’s (IMSD Founder) listing presentation that helped his team take over 600 listings in 2010
scripts, dialogs and systems to dramatically increase your lead conversion ratio
Monthly bonus calls featuring marketing gurus from the real estate industry
Valuable resources including training videos, marketing tools, and vendor recommendations
Expert support from our instructors


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