BestSeller Summit 2018

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BestSeller Summit 2018

Learn How to Write & Publish Your Best-Selling Book from 25+ of the Top Authors, Entrepreneurs and Marketing Experts Online Today

Leverage Your Ideas, Creativity and Expertise to Create a Book You Can Be Proud of for Years to Come and Position YOU as the Expert and Authority in Your Field as a Best-Selling Author

Here’s a Sneak Preview of What You’ll Learn When You Claim Your Free Ticket to Bestseller Summit Online Right NOW.

I have brought together 25+ best-selling authors and 6, 7 and 8-figure Entrepreneurs who are going to share their best kept secrets on how to launch YOUR best-selling book and skyrocket your business & brand.

Every day of the summit will feature a “can’t miss” Keynote presentation, numerous topical presentations and panel that connects you directly with the top author and entrepreneurs online today!

Here Are Just Some Of What You Will Learn

How to finally break through every obstacle that has held you back from writing and releasing your #1 best-selling book and create a book you can be proud of for years to come.

Learn and understand your publishing options and choose the best that is right for YOU, whether it’s self-publishing, hybrid publishing or working with a traditional publisher you’ll know exactly what to do to achieve your author goals!

How to Make Thousands of Dollars per Month from your book and 6-figures or more from the products, services and experiences you offer to your readers, customers and clients.

Inspire others with your stories, strategies and experiences and build a loyal following of fans and clients who can’t wait to see what you do next.

The 3 Pillars of Author Success Your Book – Your Business – Your Brand

Your Best-Selling Book:

The first pillar of author success is Your Book (shocking, I know!) On this summit you will learn from numerous best-selling authors so you can pick and choose the strategies that work for you. Whether you’re a serial fiction author looking to reach a larger audience, or a non-fiction author consciously using your book as a business development tool, you will learn from those who have been where you are at now, and who have manifested the success that you want. On Bestseller Summit Online you will learn how to structure your book for success.

Your Business as An Author:

The second pillar of author success is Your Business. The true value of a book is revealed in how it brings new excited, pre-qualified customers and clients into your business. Whether you run live events or online training programs, run a startup or a non-profit, there is no better way to share your message and attract your ideal clients than a book. On this event you will learn how to truly leverage your book to build your business in a variety of creative and proven ways.

Your Personal Brand:

The third pillar of author success is Your Brand. The ways in which a book builds your personal brand, or shines a new light on your company are less tangible, but every bit as valuable as how a book grows your business. As a best-selling author you have more credibility and authority on the topics you teach. On this event you will learn exactly how to use your book to get booked on TV, radio, newspapers, podcasts and even other virtual summits to exponentially increase the reach of your message by building your personal brand.


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