Biddy Tarot – Grow Your Tarot Business Online Home Study

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Biddy Tarot – Grow Your Tarot Business Online Home Study

Aspiring Tarot professionals… Find your dream clients, share your gifts, grow your profits, and create a life you love

Hey Tarotista!

Are you an aspiring Tarot professional ready to turn your hobby into a business, but unsure that you’ve got the business & marketing skills or plan to make it happen?

Or, do you already have a Tarot business that’s not delivering the results you hope for?

Do you feel like the Fool, about to take a huge leap of faith into the unknown, anxious about whether you’ll be a success or a failure? Or do you feel more like the Hanged Man, ‘on hold’ and uncertain about what step to take next to grow your business?

Let’s be clear: Taking this leap of faith for your Tarot business is HUGE. It might just be the biggest step you’ve taken in your metaphysical career.

But, before you go full out, you naturally want to make sure you’re on the right path.

You don’t want to be the Tarot reader that is sitting in front of her computer, desperately clicking the refresh button on her email, waiting for a Tarot reading request to come through. Nor do you want to be that lonely Tarot guy sitting by himself at his table at the local market, waiting for someone to sit down for a reading.

If you’re about to start up your Tarot business, or ready to give your existing Tarot business a boost, you want to create the best results possible. After all, you’re investing your heart and soul into this baby and you want it to be truly amazing.

Grow Your Tarot Business Online is designed around the Six Essential Pillars for a Thriving Online Tarot Business.

These are the very 6 Pillars that I have used to create my own thriving business and that are essential to growing an online Tarot business that not only serves your clients, but also serves YOU.

For each of the Six Essential Pillars, you will get access to:

A 90-minute recorded Training Webinar with my very best step-by-step strategies and practical techniques that you can implement straight away in your business.
A detailed Workbook to help you plan your business and take action on what you learn during the training webinar.
A visual mind-map of the core concepts shared in class, to make it easy for you to grasp what you really need to know.
A recorded 90-minute Inner Circle Mastermind call where previous students ask questions and receive individualised, laser coaching from me. Plus, I share additional tips and strategies to give you confidence about the steps you’re taking towards creating your dream business.
Recommended resources (podcasts, books, blog post, etc.) to help you expand your knowledge and deep dive into the topics that are most relevant for you.
Bonus resources, including interviews, templates, guided meditations, and more to support your Tarot business growth


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