Bill Guthrie – FB Pages Blueprint

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Bill Guthrie
FB Pages Blueprint

Bill Guthrie has been working with Facebook quite a while now, and he has learned more than a little about how to market on it. In fact he has taught many others how it’s done.
Now, Guthrie has condensed a pricey four-week course he has taught into a 42-page ebook he calls Facebook Pages Blueprint.
It designed so that beginning marketers can grasp effective FB Fan Page marketing techniques with a minimum of fuss. His goal is to show you how you can create an effective fan page in just 30 minutes.
He starts at the very beginning, assuming you have no particular plan and need help even with the topic of deciding what topic your fan page should address. From that decision to creating content to posting your fan page to monetizing it long-term.
Guthrie divides the process into 7 steps, each documented with enough detail that you should have no problem following his process.