Bob Bly – Ultimate Guide To Ebook Writing

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 Bob Bly – Ultimate Guide To Ebook Writing

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When I heard about Bob Bly’s very first e-book’s success, I was absolutely thrilled for him. Even he was blown away by the numbers, and he’s got 38 years of experience writing sales copy and traditional paperbound books that have brought in millions of dollars for his clients and publishers.

Here’s the quick snapshot —

Bob’s very first e-book, published in November 2004, has generated $46,819 in sales so far. (Over 1,600 copies sold.)

His labor: almost zero. Bob didn’t write any new material for it. The book is simply a collection of existing articles he had written for and published in various writer’s magazines.

His total cost to produce it: $175 to a designer for setting the articles into a nice PDF layout.

That’s a 26,394% return on his investment. By comparison, the S&P 500 generated a total return of 87.9% during the same 14 ½-year period.

The bottom line: investing the $175 in his fledgling information marketing business beat what others made in the stock market by 300 to 1!

What’s even more amazing is that Bob sold those 1,600 copies of his e-book all by himself. He didn’t have to pay a cent to an agent, a book publisher, or a public relations firm.

Nope, he did it all.

And, you know what else he did that makes his system for creating e-books so fascinating? The articles he used for his first e-book were reprints from previous assignments written for magazines. And the magazines had already paid Bob $7,500 to write them.

Imagine getting paid $7,500 to write articles for magazines… and then taking those same articles and earning another $46K+ from them!

Since then, Bob has written and sold dozens of e-books with incredible results too — $10,290 in revenues for one… $90,979 for another… that’s an extra $101,269 from his information publishing “side business.” Plus, there are more coming out soon.

Now, here’s the best part for you. Once he explained to me how simple it was for him to get an e-book up and making money, I asked him if he’d share his secrets with you. He graciously agreed.


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