Brain Sync – Exalted Meditation

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Brain Sync – Exalted Meditation


* Revitalize your energy
* Nourish your soul
* Recharge your chakras

Want to experience yourself living at your highest level? Exalted Meditation will recalibrate your vibration, making all forms of manifestation a natural extension of your expression in the world. A powerful combination of theta binaural beats and music based on ancient Tantric traditions opens the flow of energy in your chakras.

While your chakras vibrate in resonance with the universe, they open to new possibilities and insights. At the end of 30 minutes you’ll feel inspired to approach any problem or goal with renewed energy and a fresh perspective.

Track 1: Chakra Awakening Theta + Alpha
Track 2: Exalted Theta + Delta

Music by: Robert Schwimmer

What You Can Expect

This meditation encourages deep states of bliss and reverie. A special combination of brainwaves associated with the deepest states of meditation guide your brain activity into balanced receptivity. Cumulative benefits include: Enhanced states of joy and well being, greater clarity of thought, increased creativity and expanded awareness.

Instructions for Listening

To experience the brain optimizing effects of this program, listen with headphones at a time and place when you will not be disturbed. Sit or lie down with your spine straight with your legs and arms uncrossed. This allows your natural channels of energy to open up and flow freely.

Here are 3 listening options to choose from. It is not recommended to listen for more than 1 hour per day total.

30-Minute Meditation Session Once per Day

Alternate between Chakra Awakening and Exalted for one thirty-minute meditation session per day. Or listen to the one that resonates most for you. After you’ve listen to both tracks for a while you’ll get a feeling for what kind of experience they produce.

30 Minutes Twice Per Day

Listen to Chakra Awakening in the morning and Exalted later in the day or before bed.

Chakra Awakening blends pure musical tones that balance and expand the entire chakra system, beginning with the 1st chakra and gradually moving up to the 7th. You’ll feel refreshed and inspired at the end of 30-minutes.

Exalted is designed specifically to open the heart chakra for enhanced access to emotions and heightened feelings of well-being.


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