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– Brainetics – Warm Up Time (Brainetics Number Fun)
– Brainetics – Stretch Your Mind (Brainetics Math Tricks)
– Brainetics – Cranium Crunching (Brainetics Math Shortcuts)
– Brainetics – Go The Distance (Brainetics Mental Math)
– Brainetics – Peak Performance (Brainetics Word Challenge)


Brainetics is Athletics for your Brain!
Brainetics teaches you to use your brain more efficiently to process and
memorize information so you can do amazing things with math and memory!

Brainetics is the Key to Soaring Confidence…and Grades!
You’re getting an edge on every other student in the classroom and every other
co-worker in your office with Brainetics! That’s because Brainetics techniques
are not taught in classrooms, so you’re processing information faster than
anyone because you’ve got the Brainetics secret!

Muscle Memory
With Brainetics, you’re practicing tricks for doing math quickly and correctly
in a way that becomes second nature. In time, you’re rattling off answers to
math problems you never thought possible – all because you’ve practiced
Brainetics techniques!

Get Your Brain Working Fast!
By learning Brainetics techniques, you’re training parts of your brain to work
independently yet at the same time, so while one part is memorizing, the other
part of your brain is processing new information. Your brain is more powerful
this way because it’s working more efficiently- giving you an edge for life!



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