Brandon Bays-The Journey

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 Brandon Bays-The Journey

Brandon Bays The Journey

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The Journey is a simple, revolutionary set of techniques that has freed thousands from lifelong emotional and physical blocks — from addiction, depression and low self-esteem to chronic pain and illness. The Journey was born of Brandon Bays’ extraordinary experience of healing from a football-sized tumour, without drugs or surgery, in 6 weeks. Forced to go beyond the limits of known alternative therapies (she had been working in mind/body healing for two decades) she was catapulted into a remarkable, soul searching and ultimately ground-breaking healing journey. She pioneered a remarkable healing technique that guides us directly to the root cause of a longstanding difficulty– emotional or physical–and then gives us the tools to resolve it. At the most sophisticated nexus of mind-body healing today, the Journey offers a simple imaginative process that is a revolutionary way to actually access memories held in specific parts of the body, bringing the latest findings of energy medicine into a fast, effective technique that anyone from a child to a CEO can use.


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