Brendon Burchard – Achievement Accelerator

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Brendon Burchard – Achievement Accelerator


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Training Course:

Week 1: 10 Steps to Achieving Anything Faster
Welcome to the Accelerator!
Session I: 10 Steps Overview
Session II: 5 Philosophies of Achievement
Session III: 5 Practices of Achievement
Session IV: Bonus Video on 1-Page Productivity
Bonus: How NOT to Set Goals

Week 2: Your Purpose and Achievement Map
Session I: Your Purpose and Achievement Map – Purpose and People
Session II: Your Purpose and Achievement Map – Practices and Projects
Bonus: Hints to The Purpose of Life
Bonus: Opportunity Evaluator – Part 1
Bonus: Opportunity Evaluator – Part 2

Week 3: Self-Mastery
Self-Mastery and the Keys to Confidence
Bonus: How Incredibly Successful People Think
Bonus: The Mindset of Personal Responsibility
Bonus: Attacking Challenge with Grace
Bonus: How to Overcome Fear
Bonus: How to Deal with Disappointment
Bonus: Motivation Manifesto Online – Declaration Three

Week 4: Social Intelligence and Influence
Session I: Social Intelligence Welcome
Session II: Social Intelligence Booster
Session III: The Persuasion Formula
Session IV: The Influence Model
Session V: The Leadership Blueprint

Week 5: Momentum
Session I: How to Destroy Obstacles
Session II: How to Learn Faster
Session III: Master the 10 Skills for Lifelong Momentum


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