Brian Tracy – How You Can Start, Build, Manage or Turnaround Any Business

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Brian Tracy
How You Can Start, Build, Manage
or Turnaround Any Business


Over 500 ideas you can use to increase profits, boost sales, cut costs, and improve performance in every area of your business, large or small. For executives, business owners, managers and decision-makers. Learn key methods, techniques and practices of successful business and self-made millionaires.
Session 1: Back to Basics for Profit Improvement
What you must know to succeed; the age of the entrepreneur; intrapreneurship; 12 basics you must know; 7 personal qualities that assure success; common characteristics of 83 self-made millionaires; 5 key abilities of effective executives; 8 ways to advance your career in any company; 15 major reasons for business failure; 10 reasons why businesses succeed; setting your goals – 8 questions you must answer, to start, build or turnaround any business.

Session 2: Marketing Strategy – The Key to Success
The purpose of a business; what is marketing? 14 ways to find a new product or service; 10 methods of fast, cheap market research; 8 steps to market test a new product; 14 questions you must ask before you begin marketing anything (What do you sell? What need does it satisfy? What is your “area of excellence”? Obstacles to sales success? And many more); market opportunity gaps – 5 places to look; 4 fundamentals of any marketing plan; 5 techniques for creative market development.

Session 3: Making Your Advertising Pay Off
Positioning your company – name, literature, logo, location; 8 advertising media for best results – how to use each; 4 ways to set advertising budgets; 6 things to remember; 7 tips on newspaper ads that work; 6 pointers on direct mail campaigns; 7 keys to radio advertising that sells; 3 points on using flyers and mail drops; how to get free publicity; promotion by multi-level marketing; putting your campaign together.

Session 4: How to Sell – More, Better, Cheaper, Faster
What is to be sold, to whom, by whom, how? 5 cardinal rules for selling anything; 7 characteristics of top salespeople; 4-step formula for power sales; 5 questions you must answer in a sales presentation; 3 points on getting attention; 5 things the prospect needs to know; 10 tips to closing on telephone appointments; setting the stage; 5 ideas for more effective sales presentations; 5 tips for better listening; 7 points on price objections; 6 ways to deal with any objection; 12 closing techniques for increased sales; how to sell on referrals; recommended reading list for sales excellence.

Session 5: Corporate Strategy – The Foundation of Business Success
Nine key questions for strategy formulation; “the driving force” – what is yours? 8 lessons from America’s best run companies – what are they doing right; 5 rules for fast growth; 6 success principles for business management; 5 key ideas for business building; 6 steps to developing your “mission statement”; 5 critical issues you must address in building your company.

Session 6: Financial Planning for Solid Growth
How to develop a business plan, your blueprint for financial success; 4 sections, 7 variables, 8 areas to consider; how to set up a business budget – 9 critical things you must know; cash-flow projections – your banker’s first question; breakeven analysis – getting into the black; fixed versus variable costs and profit contribution margins – 4 numbers to know; vital financial ratios to tell you how you’re doing – return-on-investment, net worth, working capital, quick asset ratio, profit margin, gross and net; 2 ways to boost profits NOW; how to borrow from your bank – 7 requirements; 10 steps to take immediately when things go wrong; the turnaround technique.

Session 7: The Challenge of Leadership
Four challenges in today’s managerial environment; 7 basic facts of corporate life; 6 characteristics of outstanding leaders; management-by-motivation, getting people up to peak performance; 8 steps to building a winning team; goal-centered management: management-by-values, management-by-objectives; 8 ways to produce high morale; multiplying brainpower – 8 ways to stimulate creativity in yourself and others; six characteristics of the winning team; 8 ways to build self-esteem in others; 3 management styles – which is best for you? Brainstorming – 8 ways to make it work; 12 ways to increase productivity, cut costs, boost profiles; 10 pointers on hiring the best people; 10 motivators versus 10 demotivators – do you know which you’re using? The true Psychology of Leadership.

Session 8: Achieving Personal Excellence
Seven characteristics of the peak performer – how to develop them; 7 requirements for personal success in business; 7 qualities of leadership most in demand; effective listening skills; your 5 key goals – how to set them, how to achieve them; 9 ways to sharpen your mental skills – better problem-solving and decision-making; 3 steps to implementing your personal action plans; effective time management – how to analyze, set priorities and concentrate single-mindedly on your highest-value tasks; 35 time saving ideas; your springboard to excellence – 7 final points on personal growth and development, recommended reading list for ongoing education.