Bruno Martins , Fabricio Astelo – Charisma School Collection Part 1

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 Bruno Martins , Fabricio Astelo

Charisma School Collection Part 1

Charisma School Collection Part 1 ( Note these are the full courses)

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Magnetic Gaze Level 1: Foundations

This online course is the one that started it all.

It’s the absolute necessary course to develop a Magnetic Gaze. All the other more advanced techniques and uses have this one as their basis.

In here you’ll transform your eyes into powerful tools to influence, attract and inspire others.

All those who developed a Magnetic Gaze started with this course


Magnetic Gaze Level 2: Awareness

This new course picks up where the Foundations left off. This is a step up over the first course and allows you to take your Magnetic Gaze to a whole new level of power.

Not only will your gaze become stronger but you are also introduced to new areas of energy development that increase your personal magnetism.

Only available for buyers of the Magnetic Gaze Level 1 Foundations.


Magnetic Interactions


The ability to establish a great connection and empathy through a conversation will very often separate the successful from those who are not successful in every area of their life.

This is a smaller (5 weeks) training course with the goal of improving your conversation and interaction skills.

Not only can you easily develop empathy and rapport, but you also focus on having interactions with impact in a way that allows you to always establish great connections with those around you!


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