Cal Banyan – Instant and Rapid Inductions

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2 DVDs – AVI


Cal Banyan – Instant and Rapid Inductions


Calvin D. Banyan will teach you how to successfully perform these fast and efficient hypnotic inductions so that you can create deep levels of hypnosis in only a couple of minutes (Elman-Banyan Induction) or even in seconds!
Here is what he covers in this live class, professionally captured on video:

Preparing Your Clients for Success by Using an Excellent Pre-Talk

Assessing Readiness for and Instant or Rapid Induction

The Modern Elman-Banyan Rapid Hypnotic Induction (Deep Hypnosis In Two Minutes!)

Banyan Blast-Off Induction (Deep Hypnosis in about 30 seconds!)

Eye-Lock Instant Induction (Deep Hypnosis in about 15 seconds!)

The Eight Word Hypnotic Induction (Deep Hypnosis In 4 Seconds!)

Instant Hypnosis by Post-Hypnotic Suggestion (Deep Hypnosis in 2 Seconds!

Affect Induced Age Regression Inductions (Deep Hypnosis in 0 Seconds!!)


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