Carl Buchheit, Ellie Schamber – Transformational NLP – A New Psychology

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 Carl Buchheit, Ellie Schamber

Transformational NLP – A New Psychology 2017

Available from 25 november 2017

Why do people have so much difficulty achieving their goals, making big changes, and becoming the people they want to be? If we can imagine it, why can’t we achieve it? Transformational NLP: A New Psychology offers a new understanding of how the brain really works and how we can use this knowledge for personal change and growth.

Transformational NLP incorporates material drawn from, or inspired by, the holographic model of the universe as explained by physicist David Bohm, the basic premises and implications of twentieth and twenty-first century quantum mechanics, Bert Hellinger’s trans-generational, systemic constellation work, and the metaphysics of the perennial philosophy such as described by Aldous Huxley. It offers breakthrough insights and unique methods—neuro-linguistic and otherwise—that Buchheit has developed over the course of more than three decades, working with thousands of clients.

This book will be of great interest to all students of NLP as well as to psychologists, social workers, mental health workers, teachers, historians, and philosophers. It will especially appeal to many people who are interested in personal transformation and gaining entirely new perspectives about understanding and changing our human experience.


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