Carlos Xuma – Alpha Man Conversation & Persuasion

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Carlos Xuma
Alpha Man Conversation & Persuasion

Alpha Power Conversations

My newsletters reach thousands of subscribers each week, and I’ve conducted several polls to find out what men want most to develop their game with women, as well as general social skills. Hands down, every guy wants better conversational ability. And not only that, but over 40% said that keeping the conversation going beyond the first couple exchanges was the toughest part.

That’s about to change!

The funny thing is that these same guys don’t know how right they are that CONVERSATION is their most POWERFUL asset when creating Attraction and Rapport with women – or just forming bonds with other guys.

Our verbal and nonverbal skills, along with our perception of the subcommunication going on in these conversations, are what give us true influence and persuasive ability with other people.

Some of the benefits of better conversational skills are:

* Better relationships with your family
* Faster attraction and intimacy with women
* More deeper and meaningful communication
* Increased sense of independence and personal power
* More effective social skills and influence
* Better relationships and results at work

The fact is, you CANNOT afford to neglect your conversation and communication skills. It is the single most important determinant of your future success in life in almost every area.

Announcing: Alpha Man Conversation & Persuasion

Finally, you’re going to be able to get those skills.

Imagine: You’ve got an ally in this battle. An arsenal of weapons that you could use at any time to get you in or out of any conversation.

I’ve exhausted all my best stuff to put together this definitive 14 CD set (yes that’s fourteen discs) that will put you light years ahead of anyone out there.

Imagine How You’ll Feel When You Can :

* Keep any conversation going without effort, and without all those “routines” and memorized scripts…

* Talk to anyone, anywhere, anytime – and make a friend, a business contact, or a possible date…

* Know exactly how to calibrate to a woman’s state…

* Handle any guy that tries to tool you or put you down in a conversation…

* Handle any coworker that gives you a hard time…

* De-fuse anyone in your family that tries to emotionally manipulate you with one sentence…

* Know when someone’s lying to you

Conversation can be tricky for many guys to learn. After all, women grew up talking to each other and feeling out the social “vibe,” so they have an edge. Guys rarely get this kind of experience until later in life, and then we’re much less prepared to use it effectively.

But there are ways to learn this vital skill.

I was one of those kids who played in his room a lot, watched a lot of TV, and generally had no clue about what was actually happening in social situations.
I remember a particular time when I was out with a group of my friends, and there were a couple of girls in the group with us. I remember how crappy it felt to be forced to the “background” of the conversation because I really had no clue as to what to say to the girls without feeling like a loser in front of the other guys.

But I also saw that the guys I was with didn’t really know, either. They were talking about sports and video games, and the girls were talking about friends and the drama that was going on between them. I could see that there was a major difference in what guys and girls found interesting to talk about, but I couldn’t figure out HOW to talk about this stuff.

Fast forward a few years, and Carlos grew up. (Well, a little bit.)
But I still didn’t have the kind of social awareness that I wanted. It wasn’t until I took a few personality tests, and then started reading a TON of books on the topic that I found I had a lot of theory, but nothing really practical for understanding these social situations.

Still, I kept reading, and discovered that there were some basics to understanding how to start and keep a social conversation going, and that it could be learned. I made a lot of notes on what worked, what didn’t, and which skills were helpful.

Some of the important things I learned about conversation were:

* How to tell if someone was lying to me (or not being entirely truthful)

* How to talk about the things a woman WANTS to talk about, instead of just aimless bragging or boring her to death…

* How to get to rapport ten times faster… by understanding how people think in terms of a certain “mode,” such as auditory or visual…

* When people were using faulty logic, or trying to trick me…

* How to warm up a woman who had gone “cold” on me, by the power of effective verbal and physical communication…

* What every person I talked to wanted from life – and when I discovered their essential motivation, how I could use that to help us get what we both wanted…

* Why I couldn’t keep a conversation going beyond the first couple minutes – and how I overcame it…

* How to be charismatic and persuasive when I talked to people to get them to work WITH me instead of against me…

* How NLP helped me communicate in ways that women want to hear a man talk…

* The 10 bad habits I had that were keeping me from being an excellent communicator and conversationalist…


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