Carlos Xuma – How To Approach and Flirt with Women

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Carlos Xuma
How To Approach and Flirt with Women
In the “How To Approach & Flirt With Women” CD, Carlos Xuma teaches all the essential steps for how to meet women, how to talk to women, and how to flirt with women so that you can meet and date the women you desire.

Genre: Spoken Word: Audiobook
Release Date: 2010

product details:

Have you ever wanted a guide to understanding women?

I know I always did. Especially for when I’m approaching and meeting women. Sometimes it’s incredibly confusing to figure out what women want.

How do you flirt with women? And not only that, how do you avoid rejection, and get her interested in you?

Well, there is a proven method for doing this, and I’m revealing it for the first time on this CD of dating tips for guys.

On the “How To Approach & Flirt With Women” CD, you’ll discover:

– My simple 3 step method for overcoming approach anxiety so you can meet women with confidence and no fear of rejection…

– What to say to women so that they always respond positively to you…

– What flirting is for women, and what she expects you to do – so that you never make any weird social mistakes, and you ensure she’ll be interested in talking to you…

– How to tease and have fun in your conversation with women so they always laugh with you…

– 5 magic questions you can ask a woman that will get her to want a date with you – in less than 5 minutes!

– How to close and get her phone number every time…

– And much MUCH more…

I’ve been creating blueprints and systems for guys to get dating success for over 8 years, and thousands of guys have used my methods to get the women of their dreams. And to top it off, everything I teach has the added benefit of giving you a more confident and Alpha Lifestyle – success on every level.

The “How To Approach & Flirt With Women” program is your key to unlocking the future you want with the woman you deserve… Without having to change into a manipulative jerk in the process.

Nice guys like you deserve to finish FIRST!



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