Chris Howard – Results Coach Certification

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16 CDs – MP3


 Chris Howard – Results Coach Certification

Regardless of your life’s path or line of work, The Leadership Training Series seminar
will make a profound difference in your own ability to produce results …

Businesses: Will master the communication styles essential for building world-class sales teams and fostering leadership potential in every individual from the ground up.

Consultants: Will learn tools that will enable them to transform the results of their clients and create performance breakthroughs.

Educators: Will learn the most powerful set of communication skills on the planet. They will be able to get through to their students and effect long-lasting change.

YOU: Will master the mindset and tools that will give you the ability to remove the shackles and barriers that once held you back. This will enable you to grasp your power, move beyond the excuses of the past, and create a compelling future.


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