Chris Howard – Wealth Acceleration Certification Level I

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[31 Videos (MP4+FLV) + 16 CDs (MP3) + 7 Docs (PDF+Doc)]


Chris Howard – Wealth Acceleration Certification Level I

Do you want to take your skills to the highest level?

Now you can. And this is going to revolutionize the world of education!

We are going to share with you a little-known but powerful technology that in the past had been reserved for psychologists, psychiatrists, elite performance enhancement coaches such as Tony Robbins, the super-wealthy (who could afford to spend tens of thousands of dollars to get certified) and top peak performance consultants in the highest level of sports and politics.

You too can play at this level and beyond in your leadership, communication, sales, marketing, branding, and coaching. You too can become THE ULTIMATE coach and transformational catalyst for yourself and others. What this means to you is more money, more prestige and credibility, incredible results with customers and clients, phenomenal relationships, the ability to have the body you want and to optimize your health, and the power to shape your destiny in any way that you choose.

All of this you can now do at a price that makes it a no-brainer. If you want to unleash your full potential you have come to the right place. Technology is rapidly changing, allowing better delivery methods that will revolutionize the world.

The ability exists now to train people world-wide without geographical barriers. Chris can now be your personal coach, mentor and guide as he shows up in your house or office everyday, and you are able to drink the water straight from the source. You will learn and be certified in the tools that the most elite politicians, motivational speakers, peak performance coaches and professional athletes are trained in when they are making it to the top of their chosen field.

This training will be delivered through 24 webinars, homestudy, and you will close the communication loop with videos of your performance of techniques which will be critiqued if you are going for full certification.



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