Chris Laub – Copy Client Kit Vault

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Chris Laub – Copy Client Kit Vault

“Can I Show You the Secrets to Landing a Consistent Stream of High Paying Copywriting Clients (and How to Close the Deal with Confidence)?”
The Most Comprehensive, ‘How to Get Copywriting Clients’ Training Available Online!

Instant Access
Available in 1080p HD, you are mere seconds away from a over one dozen hours of in-depth training materials.

My Favorite Softwares
You want to start making real money? Stop thinking of yourself as a freelancer and start operating like a BUSINESS.

Tracking Made Easy
When you know your numbers, it takes the mystery, stress, and anxiety out of this whole ‘how to get clients’ thing.

Supportive Community
In my experience, the feedback you get from paid Groups is exponentially better than what you’ll find in free Groups.

Guest Appearances
I’m the first to admit I don’t know it all. So, I’ll bring in outside experts to explain what they’re doing to get high quality clients.


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