Chris Payne – Effort-Free Life System

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[19 CDs (rips) 1 DVD (rip) 2 ebooks (pdf)]


Chris Payne – Effort-Free Life System

– Your “Perfect Day Process”: Your 7-minute blast-off to tame any extra challenging days, easily and effortlessly! (£29.95 value)

– Your “Big Dream Process”: Introduces 3 powerful tools to assure your wildest dreams come true! (£29.95 value)

– “Bliss and Beyond Bliss”: Easily create a “natural high” in 8 minutes flat, for a light- as-a-feather out of body experience! Leave the cares of the world behind, and say hello to joyful euphoria! (£29.95 value)

– “Results Booster”: Wave this “magic wand” over any of your other self-improvement sets to make them work like gangbusters! You’ll be thrilled with 5 amazing secrets to getting massive results from PhotoReading, Genius Code, Centerpointe, or any similar personal improvement product! (£29.95 value)

– 2-CD Set “Easy Money: How I Went From Earning £35,000 A Year To Making £86,592 In Five Months”.  (who has since skyrocketed to £400,000 a year!) explains how he cracked the code to effortlessly create a jaw-dropping income, perfect relationship, and amazing lifestyle!

“When we’re starting to feel resistant to anything, we’re resisting everything. If there’s anything in your life right now that you’re resisting, it’s getting in the way of you fully participating and enjoying even the things that you like the most.”
— Hale Dwoskin