Christian Mickelsen – Big Money Business Coach

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Christian Mickelsen – Big Money Business Coach

[Video – 29 MP4s, Ebooks – 3 PDFs, Audio – 2 MP3s]

I understand that in this live training I will learn where to find clients, how to sign up clients & how to work with business owners to double triple, or 10X their business income and cut their work hours in half.
I will also learn how to apply the techniques to grow my own business while helping my clients grow their businesses.
I realize that by signing up now, I have the option of attending live in San Diego, or live-streaming the event from the comfort of my home.
I realize that Christian has achieved these results himself and he’s helped countless business owners do the same and now it’s my turn.
I’m ready to step up my game, diligently study all the trainings, clear my schedule to attend the event (live or from home), and start following the simple steps to attract business owners & change their lives with my coaching.
I understand that by signing up below, I am taking advantage of the special ‘Early Bird’ pricing listed below.
I have read and understood the Big Money Business Coach Unconditional Happiness Guarantee, explained below.
I am ready and excited to get instant online access to the bonus trainings so I can get started right away.

Attend in San Diego on June 5-7, 2014 or via Live-Stream From the Comfort of Your Own Home
Awesome Bonuses For Registering To Attend “Big Money Business Coach” on June 5-7, 2014 in San Diego or via Live-Stream From the Comfort of Your Own Home…
BONUS TRAINING #1: “Quick Start Group Coaching Call”

In this powerful, eye-opening coaching call, you’ll discover…

the smartest ways to attract new leads and quickly convert them into high-value clients
how to eliminate hidden challenges that might be holding you back from finding your first few business owner clients
how to develop unshakable confidence when talking with new clients and prospects
personal breakthroughs and insights that inspire you to move forward
and much, much more…
Value: $1,000

BONUS TRAINING #2: “How To Help Your Clients Identify The Low Hanging Fruit So They Can Start Making Money Immediately…”

In this training you’ll discover the 5 strategies to help your clients to make money in their business immediately so you will…

gain your clients’ trust
get clients to stick long-term
make your coaching pay for itself almost instantly
eliminate the natural ‘is this worth it’ fear that all new clients have
have confidence in the immediately & massive value you can offer (even if you’ve never coached a business owner before)
Value: $1,000

Bonus Training #3: The Rapid Coaching Academy: Professional Coach Training System

This program will show you step-by-step how to facilitate the coaching process, how to help clients achieve their desired results, and how to be “worth” high coaching fees. Includes online videos, audio downloads, full printed transcripts, class notes and an 80 page manual.

When you become a successful professional coach, here’s some of what you can expect. You will…

Enjoy working with people that look to you for support, advice, and a warm heart.
Earn a great living with no limits on how much money you make. (The more people you help, the more you can make – some coaches make 6 and 7 figure incomes!)
Get emails and phone calls from people thanking you for the difference you’re making in their lives.
Be in total control of your life because you have a completely flexible schedule (you can work the hours you want, take vacations whenever you want, and take time off anytime you want or need).
Call all the shots (most coaches have their own coaching business and are their own boss).
Wake up excited every day because you love what you do for a living (and because you don’t have to wake up to an alarm clock).
Value: $2,000

Bonus Training #4: Client Attraction & Money Making Mastery

This program was created so that coaches would learn how to quickly get coaching clients, earn great money, and build a thriving coaching business. You’ll learn how to attract potential clients to you. Formerly a live workshop, this program is now an online video training which includes templates, pre-written copy, handouts, assessments, and so much more…

You’ll discover…

How to get “Gobs & Gobs” of clients from presentations and speeches (speaking is truly one of the “gold mines” many coaches know about, but few harness to their potential).
What the hot “target markets” or niches are and discover how to find the right one for you (if you’ve been struggling with this for a while, you are going to LOVE the process described in this program).
A template for creating a powerful, client attracting marketing piece (you can use this to create several different pieces to attract clients via your newsletter, at presentations, at networking events, or with anyone you know).
And much, much more!
Value: $5,000

Bonus #5: Business Analysis Coaching Session

Get a Business Evaluation from my team of expert Client Attraction Advisors as my gift to help make your business extraordinary.

Your coach will help you…

Look at what’s going on in your business right now & find the low hanging fruit for immediate income
Find the holes in your business that are losing you clients and money
Fine tune your niche/target market so you can reach more people
Create a high level action plan so you know what the most important priorities are every day
Experience new energy, enthusiasm, and excitement for what’s possible in your business – starting right now
Value: $500


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