Christian Mickelsen – Group Coaching Goldmine

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Christian Mickelsen – Group Coaching Goldmine
I woke up this morning to an email from Christian Mickelsen, one of the growing number of people who offer to help coaches to improve their marketing.
The Group Coaching Goldmine Offer

The gist of the email was “I will give you my $397 Group Coaching Goldmine training course if you sign up to Jeff Walker’s email list for the product launch formula.”

I bought Product Launch Formula a few years ago and I’ve sold it as an affiliate although I haven’t done anything for this launch. The bonus giveaway has just got too big and I’m sure the “gurus” will be chucking the kitchen sink at it.

But I haven’t seen such big bribes to just get on the email list before so why is Christian doing it.

I can think of several reasons:

This is an affiliate promotion and if you watch the launch content you might buy. There is a general affiliate disclosure at the bottom of the email.
There are affiliate prizes to be won for the number of opt-ins.
He wants you to experience one of his premium priced products.
He wants to strengthen his relationship with Jeff Walker and “the Syndicate”

So what do you get for joining a list, which you can always unsubscribe from?

Group Coaching Goldmine is normally priced at $397 (ouch) and it’s about 2 hours of video with a downloadable mp3 version split into two sessions. Here’s the sales letter

When I visited, there was an exit pop-up which gave you the chance to try it for free for 30 days. I also noticed that the pdfs of the presentation weren’t protected from the Google index.

The first session is about structuring the group coaching whilst the second is about marketing the group coaching.

There’s some useful tips. Nothing earth-shattering but for free, Group Coaching Goldmine is worth getting if you’re thinking about starting a group coaching program.

I think many coaches are attracted to the group coaching idea as a way of leveraging our time. Before you offer a group coaching program, I recommend you enrol on one.

I learnt a lot about the process from the Guerrilla Marketing Coaching course which was one of the best programs I’ve ever done.
What Do You Think About Group Coaching Goldmine?

Have you take up this offer and if so, what do you think about Group Coaching Goldmine?


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